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How Should I Prepare For Divorce?

There are few things in life that should be taken on without planning. Life events such as divorce are no different and can be particularly important because of its financial and emotional impact. ...
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What Factors Determine Alimony in Georgia?

Georgia, like many other states, allows for alimony payments in the event of a divorce. Alimony is typically awarded based on the financial needs of either spouse. The factors that go into this ...
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The Role Location Plays in Divorce

The laws established throughout the different states across America resemble each other in many ways. However, there are some key distinctions that impact decision making depending on the legal ...
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Costs for the owner in a dog bite case

Most dog owners acquired their pets for reasons such as companionship, security or simply to save a life. Depending on the type of dog, there may be unintended consequences of dog ownership. In ...
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What Happens If I Get Behind On Child Support?

It is widely known that missed child support payments could result in jail time if the party is found to be in violation of a court order. For many jurisdictions across the United States this threat ...
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Impact of Social Media on Marriages

The current environment for most divorce lawyers is filled with stories of how social media websites such as Facebook, Skype, Twitter and Instagram can have devastating effects on marriages. ...
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Life Events That Can Put Stress on a Marriage

In a family law practice, attorneys see first-hand how stress affects a marriage. Unfortunately, stressful life events such as illness, child birth, job changes, trauma, infidelity and becoming an ...
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Legitimation: Securing A Father's Rights

The issue of what rights a father has when it comes to their children has been posed to our law firm by several of our clients. Several fathers of children born out of wedlock have had to address the ...
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Costly Divorce Mistakes

A divorce is one of the most impactful life events that can occur. It is often the case that the decisions made during the course of the divorce proceedings can affect the rest of the parties' ...
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Mother of child left in hot car by daycare provider speaks out

Recently our law firm posted an article about neglect at a daycare in the metro-Atlanta area. Occasionally, we will see reports from all around the country regarding other instances of neglect at the ...
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What Rights Do Grandparents Have?

It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child. What we see in our family and divorce law practice is that several members of a family play an integral part in the rearing of children. In ...
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Temporary Protective Orders

There are a number of things or life events that can cause a marriage to come to an end. Ideally, the relationship ends in a peaceful, nonviolent, manner. However, there are times when the end of a ...
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Lawsuits Filed Over Outdated Georgia Guardrails

The hazards involved with driving on Georgia highways and roadways are well documented. Injuries caused by collisions with other drivers are just one of the causes for concern. Many of us don't ...
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Can I Be Arrested For Not Paying Child Support?

In the state of Georgia it is common knowledge that a person can be arrested because of a failure to pay court ordered child support. All parents have an obligation to financially support their ...
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How Do Georgia Courts Determine Child Custody?

When a couple reaches the decision to end a marriage the determination of child custody is often the most crucial. Georgia defines custody as sole, joint, joint legal and joint physical. Typically, a ...
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Calculating Child Support Payments in Georgia

Raising a child is by far one of the most expensive life events a household budget can experience. When a husband and wife divorce this becomes even more complicated as the Georgia family child ...
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Can I Receive a Modification of a Divorce Decree?

A divorce decree is the Court's final ruling and judgment order which makes the termination of a marriage official. There are several reasons that modifications of divorce settlements are filed. ...
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Atlanta Man Jailed 6 Months Despite Alibi

A recent article published by the Huffington Post highlighted an ordeal experienced by Corey Fallen where he was arrested and held in custody for six months following the murder of a female. According ...
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Local Woman Alleges Dire Consequences From Antibiotics

A recent article highlighted Kathy Dannelly's push for change after her claims that a popular antibiotic killed her husband. According to article, her husband suffered severe side effects after ...
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Is Eating in the Car a Form of Distracted Driving?

A recent case in Cobb County where an Alabama man was given a traffic citation for eating a hamburger while driving highlights the variety of activities that can provide a basis for an allegation of ...
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