Fight for Your Rights as a Grandparent

Pursuing Visitation & Custody

So often in divorce proceedings, all parties are so focused on the well-being of the couple and the children that it can be forgotten that divorce affects entire families. Grandparents in particular can be shut out of the process and see their relationships with their grandchildren significantly reduced or terminated altogether. This can be particularly painful for grandparents, as they often feel as if they have no recourse to assert their rights.

This is untrue and, in fact, there is significant precedent in Georgia courts for grandparents' voices to be heard during custody issues. To do so, however, requires competent legal representation from an experienced Douglasville divorce attorney. At Faucette Law Firm LLC, we have time and time again assisted grandparents, and even other third parties, in petitioning the court for visitation and custody right. Let us do the same for your situation today!

Intervening & Petitioning in Custody Matters

Under Georgia law, grandparents can intervene in an existing custody dispute to ensure they receive some type of visitation rights. This can often happen during a divorce, but is also common during legal separation or modifications of divorce orders.

Grandparent intervention can occur:

  • During a divorce where custody is being decided
  • During an adoption process with other family members seeking custody
  • During a legal action that will end a parent's parental rights

Grandparents can also petition the court themselves, but with some limitations. These petitions are only viable when the parents are not together and ultimately guarantee few visits. It is certainly possible for grandparents to win custody of grandchildren, however, the court reserves this practice for few select cases. If any of the biological parents are still alive and able, then it is likely that they will be given custody first. If you have compelling evidence that a parent is not fit, then a petition can be made and an argument put forth in court.

A Compassionate Douglasville & Atlanta Family Law Attorney is Standing By

You do not have to let any court or legal proceeding block you from having a relationship with your family. Our team at Faucette Law Firm LLC is well-versed in the strategies and procedures that allow grandparents to have a vital and vibrant presence in the life of their grandchildren.

You don't have to worry a moment longer. Call our firm to schedule a free consultation today.

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