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Can You Be Sued for Texting?

Douglasville Personal Injury Attorneys recently published an article addressing the distracted driver problem on our roadways and the injuries caused by these car accidents. Recently, a New Jersey court stated that a person could be found liable for texting someone they know is operating a vehicle. The case that brought about that ruling resulted from a motorcycle injury in 2009 where a plaintiff sued the party who sent a text message to her boyfriend, alleging that she knew he was operating a vehicle when the text was sent. The court accepted the premise that the texter should bear some responsibility if they knew the other party is behind the wheel.

In Georgia it is illegal to text or use internet while operating a vehicle. Law enforcement has begun looking at the driver’s cell phone to determine whether its usage was the cause of the accident. However, Georgia courts have not yet addressed liability for the person sending the text message. Although this issue has not been addressed by our courts, every case is different and distracted driver laws are changing daily. Avoiding cell phone usage during vehicle operation and texting someone who is driving is the best way to avoid liability.

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