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Soft Tissue Injuries and Car Accident

Soft tissue cases by far comprise the vast majority of injuries resulting from auto accidents. The term “soft tissue” is used to describe injuries to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. These types of injuries are caused by direct or indirect trauma, such as when a car strikes another moving or non-moving vehicle. Cases involving soft tissue injuries are not only the most common, but also the most highly contested because soft tissue injuries do not typically show up in x-rays and there is often minor damage to the vehicle involved. Therefore, insurance companies make low settlement offers in hopes that the client will accept it and dispose of their case as quickly as possible. However, soft tissue injuries can persist and cause pain and discomfort several months, or even years, after an accident. In addition to emergency room and/ or doctor visits immediately after the accident, soft tissue injuries often require ongoing medical treatment, such as chiropractor visits, physical therapy, or possibly even surgery. Because of the uphill batle clients with soft tissue injuries face when dealing with insurance companies it is important to have an accident attorney working on their behalf. An experienced accident attorney can evaluate your case and take the proper legal steps to ensure that your case is not disposed of prematurely by an inurance adjuster. Call the Faucette Law Firm today for your free case evaluation.