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Involved In A Car Accident: What Happens Next? Should You Hire A Lawyer?

The majority of Georgia drivers who leave their homes in a vehicle will return safely without ever being involved in an auto accident. Unfortunately, every day many drivers are involved in accidents from minor fender benders to high velocity collisions responsible for a variety of injuries and property damage. With over 6.3 million police-reported accidents since 1998, it is important to know what to do in the unfortunate event that you are involved in a car accident. (Edmunds)

In the event of an accident remembering these steps can make a huge difference in minimizing injury and financial loss as a result of someone’s negligence. First, it is important to keep an emergency kit. This kit should contain items such as a cell phone, disposable camera, information related to medical allergies, a flash light, and a set of cones or warning triangles. Cars involved in accidents should be moved to the side of the road and out of the way of oncoming traffic. The last thing anyone wants is to be involved in another accident or suffer a serious injury because oncoming traffic collides with the accident scene. Both parties should exchange information including name, address, insurance company and policy number, driver license number and license plate number. It is also important to take detailed photographs of the vehicle damage and bodily injuries to anybody involved in the accident. Finally, any driver with vehicle damage or personal injuries should file an auto accident report with law enforcement. Promptly filing a report not only prevents the responsible party from shifting blame after discovering their financial liability but also expedites the insurance claim process.

There are many reasons to contact an attorney after being involved in a car accident. Some of them include a denial of a victim’s auto accident claim, an inadequate or low offer of settlement from an insurance company, an at-fault driver who does not have a auto insurance, or an unnecessary delay of the settlement process by the insurance company. Typically lawyers aren’t contacted when injuries or damages are minor. For instance, if you fully recover from the injuries after a few days and medical bills associated with the car accident are less than $1,000 you may not need a lawyer. However, very few auto accidents which result in injuries have have damages under $1,000. Many of our clients have damages exceeding several thousands of dollars by the time costs such as ambulance transportation, doctor visits, time away from work, and physical therapy have been totaled.

Personal Injury attorneys provide an array of services for their clients. Our firm will file a claim or lawsuit on behalf of an injured party, negotiate settlements with the at-fault driver and/ or insurance company, and finally, fight for a successful outcome at trial if all other attempts at resolution fail. Clients who hire a personal injury attorney to handle their case on average fair better than those who go at it alone. Recent studies conducted by the Insurance Resource Committee found that injured persons who hired an attorney received 3 and a half times more money in settlement offers. Having an attorney reyoady to try your case if need be is a powerful negotiating tool.

Douglasville Personal Injury Lawyers will evaluate your injury case and advise you of all your available options. Our goal is to maximize your recovery and help you get your life back.