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Medical Payments Coverage (Med Pay) and Its Effect on Your Car Accident Claim?

Insurance can be a particularly broad term when referring to the types of coverage available for vehicles. Car insurance is usually broken down into two categories: insurance which repairs damage to a vehicle and ­ ­insurance which covers medical expenses associated with bodily injuries caused by the car accident. The latter is referred to as medical payments coverage or Med Pay and provides compensation for medical costs resulting from an auto accident regardless of who was at fault. This form of insurance typically has a policy limit range of up to $50,000.

The Med Pay component to an automobile insurance policy can provide a great benefit in the unfortunate event of a car accident. The other driver’s insurance provider will often cover medical expenses for the injured party once treatment is completed and a settlement or verdict is reached. This can become further complicated if fault is in dispute, in which case the other driver’s insurance provider may refuse to pay any medical expenses. (See our previous blog about Georgia’s Comparative Fault law) Relying on health insurance can also be cost prohibitive when factoring in the high deductibles many health insurance policies have today. Most injured are pressured into accepting lower settlements from the at-fault party’s insurance provider in order to obtain proper medical treatment.

Medical Payments Coverage or (Med Pay) will usually cover:

  • Doctor visits
  • Hospital visits
  • Surgery
  • X-rays
  • EMT and ambulance fees
  • Funeral costs

Treatment for injuries caused by an accident can take several months to complete. Doctors’ visits, physical therapy, and other forms of treatment can escalate the monetary amount of damages into the thousands of dollars. Injured parties with Med Pay can use this coverage by itself or in conjunction with their health care coverage to ensure that they are able to obtain all necessary medical treatment prior to the resolution of their auto accident claim. Douglasville Personal Injury Attorneys have consulted with several clients regarding their auto accident claim. We will evaluate your case and work on your behalf to obtain the recovery you deserve. Call us today if you would like further information regarding medical payments coverage or any other injury related question.