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Inadequate Security: The Responsibility of Property Owners to Make Their Property Safe

Many states place a responsibility on owners of property to ensure that their premises are safe from violent crime. In Georgia, this duty is levied upon the owners of several different types of commercial properties such as hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, nightclubs, convenience stores and apartment homes. An injury claim usually arises in this context when a plaintiff, who is the victim of a criminal act, asserts that a commercial property owner or security company failed to provide adequate security or put certain precautions in place to protect its customers or tenants from being the victims of criminal acts.

There are numerous examples of the type of security measures Georgia courts and juries expect from commercial property owners. Depending on the type of facility involved, some of these security measures include the obligation to maintain locks, installation of security cameras and ensuring that the premises has sufficient lighting. When violent criminal offenses occur, the ability to recover damages rests on whether a reasonable business or facility would have put better security measures in place and therefore would have prevented the assault. Another factor courts consider is the nature of the surrounding area itself. In other words, areas which involve higher statistical levels of violent crime will require a business owner to exercise a higher degree of caution in order to ensure that their security measures are sufficient.

The last thing on the mind of a victim of a violent crime is the civil liability of a commercial property owner or business establishment. A victim’s first interaction is often with medical personnel, law enforcement and the prosecuting attorney’s office handling the criminal charges. However, despite the fact that a criminal investigation may be pending, it is important for a person who is victimized due to inadequate security to consult with an attorney immediately to protect his/her right to monetary compensation. Douglasville Personal Injury Lawyers will be able to effectively evaluate your case and any potential claims for negligence due to inadequate security. Call today to schedule your free case evaluation.