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Multiple Vehicle Accidents

Driving in Atlanta can be dangerous even in the most perfect driving conditions. On Tuesday citizens of Atlanta and surrounding areas were yet again reminded how ill-prepared our city is when it comes to dealing with icy road conditions. When the final tally came in drivers experienced over twelve hour commutes, children stranded at schools and daycares, sleeping overnight in vehicles, and well over eight hundred documented vehicle accidents.

Poor weather conditions, including slippery roads due to rain, snow and ice, can contribute to single car accidents and multi-vehicle collisions. A multi-vehicle collision occurs when a traffic accident involves multiple vehicles. Often referred to by law enforcement as a pile up, these types of accidents are particularly difficult to navigate because the at-fault party is not always easily determined. In fact, sometimes the number of motorists involved in these accidents can cause law enforcement weeks of investigation before the cause is identified. Often times factors such as drivers operating their vehicle too fast for conditions, driving to close to other vehicles, or allowing themselves to become distracted are identified as the main cause of a multi-vehicle accident.

Quick and decisive action is necessary to ensure the success of an injury claim when dealing with these types of accident scenarios. A recent multiple vehicle collision involved over ten cars that collided with each other in a chain reaction causing thousands of dollars worth of property damage and bodily injuries. Further complicating the issue is the fact that each of the vehicles involved pointed fault at another vehicle. Often times law enforcement is the first responder on the scene and will make the judgment call as to who is at fault. Insurance companies have their own team of adjusters and will typically make every effort to guide their investigation into fault away from the direction of their insured.

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