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Month: March 2014

What Is The Standard When Retail Stores Commit A False Arrest?

As patrons it is difficult for many of us to imagine a shopping experience interrupted or made uncomfortable by the retailer following us around the store or even detaining us upon suspicion of some sort of illegal activity. However, this scenario happens occasionally...

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Do Criminal Prosecutions Delay Personal Injury Claims?

As a former prosecutor I have seen first hand the overlap between criminal prosecutions and personal injury claims. In most cases where there are victims of crime there will also be the potential for civil liability against the defendant. Often times the victim of a...

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Full Value of Life Analysis in Wrongful Death Claims

Personal injury law suits in Georgia can arise in virtually any setting. When death occurs as a result of the negligence of others a wrongful death action is created. The Georgia statute which defines the type of recovery permissible in this type of action is O.C.G.A....

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