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Recovering Damages In The Event of a Dog Bite?

Regardless of a person’s previous experience with animals, nothing can be more traumatic than being attacked and bitten by a dog. There are numerous stories of residents and local citizens who have been mauled by an aggressive dog breed in areas they once considered safe. Vicious Dog attacks down to a nip that breaks the skin accounts for more than 4.7 million people each year who are bitten. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention these attacks have led to over $400 million dollars in estimated medical expenses resulting from injuries such as serious disfigurement and infections.

Because of the need for protection of innocent parties, Owners of dogs are held to a certain level of responsibility when a dog bite or attack occurs. O.C.G.A. §51-2-7 codifies the language which places the responsibility on the dog or animal owner to not be careless or allow said animal to go at liberty. The degree of liability will often depend on the measures a dog and or property owner took to ensure that the dog or animal was properly restrained. Questions regarding the fencing technique utilized, identification collars, update canine vaccinations and whether the owner was put on notice as to any overly aggressive tendencies of the dog are usually the focal point of a personal injury attorney in assessing liability. Like other liability related claims, injuries resulting from dog bites will typically be filed against the dog owners home owners policy. In fact, The Insurance Institute estimates that up to one third of all homeowner liability claims are for dog attacks.

As in any personal injury claim quick action is necessary to preserve a plaintiff’s right to compensation. At your initial consultation we will begin the process of investigating your case and advise you of all your available options. Our primary focus is to recover the largest monetary award you are entitled to. Contact a Douglasville Personal Injury Attorney to speak with one of our attorneys.