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Ten Most Frequently Cited OSHA Standards Violated in 2013

Created in 1970 by the Occupational Safety and Health Act, OSHA’s primary purpose is to assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance. Each year some 2,200 OSHA inspectors are responsible for the health and safety of 130 million workers, employed at more than 8 million worksites around the nation. Due to the nature and physical demands of a career in construction a great degree of the agency’s attention is directed towards ensuring that this particular work environment is safe.

Statistics maintained by OSHA are troubling. According to the data from 2012, out of 4,175 worker fatalities in private industry, 19.3% were in construction. The leading cause of worker deaths resulted from what has been categorized by the agency as the “Fatal Four”. Eliminating deaths from these four categories of accidents would save an estimated 437 lives each year:

1. Falls – 279 out of 806 construction deaths (34%)
2. Struck by Object – 79 (9.8%)
3. Electrocutions – 66 (8.1%)
4. Caught in/ between – 13 (1.6%)

The 10 most frequently cited OSHA standards violated in 2013 are as follows:
1. Fall protection
2. Hazard communication
3. Scaffolding
4. Respiratory protection
5. Electrical wiring
6. Powered industrial trucks
7. Ladder
8. Control of hazardous energy
9. Electrical systems design
10. Machinery and machine guarding

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