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Hall County Day Care Workers Tell Mother 3rd Degree Burn Resulted From Insect Bite

A recent story circulating in the news about a child who suffered severe burns at a day care in Hall county has many parents and guardians thinking about the quality of care their children are receiving. According to the article, Megan Seabolt picked her 18 month old son up from the day care a week prior and was told by the workers that her child had suffered an insect bite on his leg. When Seabolt took the child to the emergency room she was informed that the alleged bite was actually a third-degree burn. Days later her son underwent skin grafts and treatment against infection as a result of the injury. What is most troubling about this incident is that the day care elected to cover the injury with a cream and inform Seabolt that it was a result of an allergic reaction, a conclusion doctors were quickly able to dismiss. After an investigation into the normal operating procedures in place at this facility it was determined that it was more likely the result of the child coming into contact with boiling water from a crock pot used to heat bottles while left unattended.

It is hard to determine what is more egregious in this case from an injury standpoint, the actual injury or the attempted cover up. Actually, some could argue both. For many, including the mother in this case, mistakes can happen when anyone relaxes. However, the problem is only exacerbated when there are attempts to avoid liability. In this case it appears as though the day care was more concerned with their exposure to monetary liability as a result of the injury than the overall welfare of the child. They are clearly negligent and liable for potentially leaving the child unattended when the injury occurred. However, they face an increased exposure to monetary liability due to the fact that the child in this case needed immediate medical attention. This delay in treatment is possibly the most troubling aspect of this case from a personal injury standpoint.

As a Douglasville Personal Injury Attorney the cases involving injuries at day care centers that we come into contact with almost always involve some sort of negligence on the part of the care taker. We make it a part of our practice to hold them accountable and fight for the absolute best result for our clients. If you would like more information regarding any personal injury related matter contact our law firm today for a free consultation.