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Medical Misdiagnosis and Delayed Diagnosis

Symptoms which prompt our clients to seek the advice of a medical professional can range from minor discomfort to major debilitating types of illnesses. Regardless of the type of ailment that leads a person to seek the advice of a doctor, the expectation is that the advice they receive will correctly diagnose the issue and devise a course of treatment to fix the problem. However, doctors and medical specialists are not unlike any other profession called upon to give an expert opinion in that some of them occasionally make mistakes. Of them, the most potentially harmful of the errors that could possibly be committed by a medical professional is the misdiagnosis of a disease or injury.

This type of medical negligence could manifest itself in several different ways, such as incorrectly diagnosing a condition or failing to run the proper tests to determine the cause of the ailment. It is important to note that a misdiagnosis does not by itself indicate medical negligence. For example, there is always the perception that a doctor erred when a cancer is allowed to progress to a more severe stage due to it not being caught. However, an expert is generally needed to examine the steps taken in examining the patient in order to determine is there was any negligence present on the part of the doctor or medical professional. The test in this case is whether a reasonable doctor presented with a similar patient would have treated the patient in the same manner. Every professional is held to a standard compared to their peers. Doctors and medical professionals are no different and personal injury attorneys will often look to other doctors to determine if there is negligence and the extent of the damages involved a medical malpractice case.

Some of the more serious medical conditions our firm has consulted with clients on have involved the treatment of cancer and heart disease. When a patient suffers from conditions such as these time is of the essence. When a condition is not diagnosed in a timely manner a patient may loose his or her opportunity to fully recover from the ailment. To this extent, delayed diagnosis is one of the ways medical misdiagnosis occurs and also accounts for a large percentage of medical malpractice lawsuits. In delayed diagnosis medical malpractice cases, once the medical provider’s conduct is determined to have strayed from what the reasonable doctor would have done under the same circumstances, the evaluation then shifts to a monetary determination of the injury caused by the delay. The factors that go into this analysis vary from decreased quality of life to loss of consortium.

A claim for medical malpractice can be brought the person directly affected or by a loved one. Douglasville Personal Injury Lawyers will aggressively pursue your right to economic and non-economic damages, such as loss wages, medical bills and pain and suffering. If you have or a loved one have a condition you feel may have been misdiagnosed or not diagnosed in a timely manner it is important to have your case evaluated as soon as possible. Call our firm today.