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Atlanta Man Jailed 6 Months Despite Alibi

A recent article published by the HuffingtonPost highlighted an ordeal experienced by Corey Fallen where he was arrested and held in custody for six months following the murder of a female. According to the article, the incident stemmed from the disappearance of a New Jersey stripper who was previously seen arguing with two men over money. Witnesses in the case informed authorities that she got into the car with the men and was never seen alive again. At some point during the investigation another dancer and the club DJ picked Corey Fallen’sphotograph out of a lineup. Based on that identification the authorities in this case made an arrest on Fallen. Apparently this was also supported by employment time sheets showing Fallen’swork schedule. As a result of the time Corey Fallen spent in jail he lost his job, missed the birth of his daughter and was attacked by other inmates while in custody.

Corey Fallen has since been released from custody and has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of Georgia. In the lawsuit he accuses the police of violating his constitutional rights against unreasonable seizure and unlawful detention. An injured party has an absolute right to seek compensation if they have been illegally detained. An individual affected by an unlawful detention should seek the advise of a Douglasville Personal Injury Attorneyto preserve their rights.