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Local Woman Alleges Dire Consequences From Antibiotics

A recent article highlighted Kathy Dannelly’s push for change after her claims that a popular antibiotic killed her husband. According to article, her husband suffered severe side effects after taking just two pills of Levofloxacin. Prior to being diagnosed with pneumonia her husband was athletic and in good shape. Once he was diagnosed the doctors prescribed Levofloxacin and began a one pill a day regimen. There were almost immediate side effects from the drug. What followed over the next 48 hours was a trip to the emergency room and ultimately his death. An autopsy found rhabdomylysis, a disease that destroys muscle. It also happens that rhabdomyolysis is listed as a side effect of the drug. While there is no certainty as to what killed Ms. Dannelly’s husband at this stage in the investigation, doctors analyzing this case have zeroed in on the dosage of Levofloxacin due to the almost immediate proximity to the symptoms and consumption the drug.

Prescribed drugs and medicines are often the focus of product liability law suits. Manufacturers of these products have a duty to appropriately test the drugs and medicines before releasing them into the market. These tests generally use testing criteria from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are regarded as industry standards. However, despited the fact that a drug was approved by the FDA, an affected party may still have rights against the manufacturer if a timely claim is filed. An experienced personal injury attorney should always be consulted to explain all remedies available in the event one suffers severe side effects from taking prescription medication.