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Calculating Child Support Payments in Georgia

Raising a child is by far one of the most expensive life events a household budget can experience. When a husband and wife divorce this becomes even more complicated as the Georgia family child support laws are used to determine the responsibilities of each party. In Georgia the total gross income of both parties are considered. In many cases this includes income from employer’s salary, self-employment, rental properties, overtime pay, severance pay, pension, retirement income, interest income, annuities, unemployment and social security, just to name a few.

The Georgia courts will next look at any deductions for a parent receiving income from self-employment, a parent paying child support under a preexisting child support order and other children being supported by the parent in their home and not subject to the child support determination. After the adjustments the court will arrive at the adjusted income and use the Georgia’s Child Support Obligation Table to determine the amount of the child support payment. Additional factors that will have a further effect on the child support obligation are health care costs and work related child care costs.

Douglasville Divorce Lawyer will advocate for deviations from the Georgia Child Support Obligation Table. Factors such as low or high income of the paying parent can have an effect on the child support award if the parent’s income isn’t sufficient enough to pay the support amount or the income is high enough to justify an increase. Also, the amount of parental time can have an impact on the child support award. For instance, the more time a noncustodial parent spends with the child, the greater the argument for a decrease in a previously determined child support payment award. If you have any questions regarding child support or any other divorce related matter contact our firm today for a free consultation.