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Lawsuits Filed Over Outdated Georgia Guardrails

The hazards involved with driving on Georgia highways and roadways are well documented. Injuries caused by collisions with other drivers are just one of the causes for concern. Many of us don’t think about the many other hazardous conditions that exists on our daily commute. An article published by highlighted the dangerous conditions of some the guardrails on our roadways. According to a lawsuit filed by three Georgia families, the guard rails their loved ones collided with caused fatal injuries that could have been avoided it they had been properly maintained. One of the plaintiffs in that suit alleged that his brother’s vehicle ran off of the roadway and crashed into a breakaway terminal cable (BCT) at the end of a guardrail in Lawrenceville, GA. The BCT penetrated the driver’s side of the vehicle and sliced through the seatbelt, ultimately killing his brother. According to the report conducted by Channel 2, the Georgia Department of Transportation located over 2,000 guardrails on Georgia roadways which pose the same risk to drivers.

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