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Temporary Protective Orders

There are a number of things or life events that can cause a marriage to come to an end. Ideally, the relationship ends in a peaceful, nonviolent, manner. However, there are times when the end of a relationship can bring about violent consequences. In Georgia, like many other states, there are laws to protect the safety of the parties.

A temporary protective order, (TPO), is an order by a judge which enjoins or restricts a party from having contact with another. Generally, in order to obtain a TPO a party must make a showing to a judge that another party has engaged in activity that is of a threatening nature. Once the judge finds that such acts have occurred and that continued acts of violence and or stalking are likely to repeat, an order will be granted prohibiting contact. These orders carry severe penalties if not adhered to. A violation of a TPO is a misdemeanor in the State of Georgia once contact is made. However, if the contact places the affected party in fear of receiving some sort of injury it can become a felony punishable by up to ten years. TPOs will protect against unwanted contact from current or past spouses.

There are a vast amount of resources dedicated to assisting persons in need of obtaining a TPO. Generally, in order to obtain one a party will need to file the appropriate paperwork in the county where the abuser lives. Once the Judge determines that a TPO is appropriate the other party will be served with the order and a hearing will be scheduled within 30 days. At the hearing the Judge will decide if it is necessary for the TPO to remain in effect for up to twelve months. The important thing to remember is that TPO’s are meant to protect the abused from the abuser. If you or a loved one have questions regarding protective orders and it’s affect on a divorce contact Douglasville Divorce and Family Law Attorneys today for a free consultation.