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Costly Divorce Mistakes

A divorce is one of the most impactful life events that can occur. It is often the case that the decisions made during the course of the divorce proceedings can affect the rest of the parties’ lives. Our firm represents clients at all stages of divorce proceedings. Given the fact that there are always things each party can do to negatively impact their chance at obtaining a positive outcome, we always offer our clients the following advice:

  • Pay close attention to household and personal assets. Typically we see one spouse with a better understanding of household and personal assets than the other. It is very important to know what the family’s assets and liabilities are. Your attorney will need access to tax returns, statements from investment accounts, retirement accounts and other records.
  • Be certain that it is in your best interest to keep the marital home. The marital home is where all of the memories are made. Children are comfortable in the home and it is often very desirable to maintain some sense of normalcy during this very traumatic process. However, it is also important to remember that a home that is being paid for with two incomes may be very difficult for one person to maintain by his/herself. Many divorce attorneys advise clients to sell the home and apportion the proceeds to assist with the transition.
  • Revenge or Retaliation. Monies expended on private investigators or expensive legal fees can help build a strong case for a favorable outcome. However, some expenses can be unnecessary and ultimately result in less money available for the support originally requested.

The important thing to remember during this process is to seek dependable representation. Our firm has represented clients in contested and uncontested matters. Sometimes the process is smooth and both parties can resolve their differences amicably. Unfortunately, there are occasions when the parties can’t agree on the majority of contested matters. In those cases, you need representation that will fight to obtain the desired result. If you have any questions regarding divorce, custody or a modificaiton of an existing order, contact Douglasville Divorce Attorneys today for a free consultation.