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Mother of child left in hot car by daycare provider speaks out

Recently our law firm posted an article about neglect at a daycare in the metro-Atlanta area. Occasionally, we will see reports from all around the country regarding other instances of neglect at the very daycare institutions that parents entrust with the safety of their children. In East Granby, CT a parent faced their worst fear when they returned to the daycare to pick their child up. The parent, Juliette Dunlevy, left her daughter Mia at the daycare and left for work. When she returned to pick her daughter up she noticed a fever and that the baby was having difficulty sleeping. Ultimately the police determined that Mia had been left in a car at the daycare for at least 20 minutes in nearly 85 degree weather. The worker in charge of Mia’s care forgot that she was in the car. When Dunlevy arrived to pick Mia up nothing was said to her about the neglect. Instead, they allowed her to take Mia home. The worker responsible has since relinquished her license to run the daycare.

These stories are difficult to read for many parents who leave their children in the care of others. The important thing for any parent to remember is that they need to be diligent with their daycare providers. Many daycare providers provide a high level of care for children. However, when an instance of neglect has occurred at a daycare a lawyer should be contacted immediately to ensure that rights are protected.