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Legitimation: Securing A Father’s Rights

The issue of what rights a father has when it comes to their children has been posed to our law firm by several of our clients. Several fathers of children born out of wedlock have had to address the legitimation of their child. In Georgia legitimation establishes paternity and gives the court the power to enforce the father’s duty to support the child, the right of the child to inherit from the father and the right to petition the court for custody. A child is automatically considered legitimate if the child was born to a mother and father who were married at the time of birth. If the parents are not married a child may be legitimized by signing an acknowledgment of legitimation or petitioning the court.

Many clients are surprised to learn that without legitimation fathers have no right to custody or visitation of their children. For this reason it is important to fully understand your rights as a father and not be caught off guard when it is your day in court.

Douglasville Divorce and Family Law Attorneys have walked clients through the process of securing legitimation, custody and visitation rights. Both parents can have the greatest amount of love for the child but may be unable to see past their individual issues with the other party when it comes to working towards a realistic agreement that protects the rights of both parents. Most importantly, it is vital to seek the advice of lawyer well-versed in these matters. Contact Douglasville Divorce and Family Law Attorneys if you have any questions about legitimation or any other family law related matters.