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Life Events That Can Put Stress on a Marriage

In a family law practice, attorneys see first-hand how stress affects a marriage. Unfortunately, stressful life events such as illness, child birth, job changes, trauma, infidelity and becoming an empty nester are sometimes impossible to avoid.

An article posted on highlighted some of the struggles couples go through when dealing with these stressful life events. For example, couples who experience the loss of a child may push each other away. With the birth of a child, a couple’s willingness to compromise and communicate openly is tested as spouses learn to manage their new roles as parents.

Of all the marital stressors mentioned in the article, infidelity is one of the most difficult for couples to work through and maintain a relationship. While some experts are of the opinion that infidelity can help a couple work through underlying relationship problems, it can often scar a relationship beyond repair.

The most important point stressed by the author is that stressful life events can be overcome by the couple willing to address them head on and work through them. However, when a couple has reached a point where they cannot work through their issues, it is important to come to an amicable resolution. Douglasville Divorce and Family Law Attorneys have consulted with clients regarding a variety of issues. If you have a question regarding a divorce or family law-related matter, contact us today for a free consultation.