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Legitimation: What Rights Does The Father Have?

Fathers are an integral part of a child’s life, Sometimes the relationship between the unmarried mother and father of a child can deteriorate to the point where there is very little that can be agreed upon. However, regardless of the relationship between parents there are always safeguards in place to ensure that both parents are in the child’s life. The important thing to remember is that competent legal representation is critical when it comes to ensuring that a father is in his son’s or daughter’s life.

A legal action which establishes a father’s rights is called a legitimation. Legitimation is the legal process that a biological father takes to establish a relationship with his child and is the first step which establishes the legal rights of the father, such as custody and visitation. Legitimation is also necessary to preserve the child’s right to inherit from his or her father.

Under Georgia law a child’s biological father can legitimate a child by an acknowledgment of legitimation with the biological mother of the child and filing a petition for legitimation with the court. The court presiding over the matter will have to determine whether the legitimation is in the best interest of the child.

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