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Facebook, Instagram and the Affect of Social Media on Your Divorce or Custody Case

Social media websites have become a big part of our culture. What once started out as trendy among college students has turned into a way for people across several generations to keep in touch with each other, share life experiences and express opinions on world events. As a Douglasville Family and Divorce Lawyer I use social media websites for business as well as person interests. Many of my clients use them for the same purpose. However, just as social media has been increasingly used by employers to weed out job applicants, social media websites can provide attorneys with ammunition to persuade a judge or mediator to decide in their client’s favor.

The first rule of social media is that there is no such thing as a private post. A photograph, statement or video shared among your friends can be tagged or received by an unintended recipient. For example, a spouse suspected of an inappropriate relationship could create unnecessary problems for themselves if there are photographs or conversations posted to the website. Furthermore, a parent could make it difficult for their attorney to put forth a compelling argument that the “best interest of the child” are served with that parent when there are social media posts of them doing illicit drugs or acting in an inappropriate manner. These are examples of some of the mistakes people have made that come back to haunt them in the form of exhibits in court.

Divorce proceedings are often some of the most hard fought battles attorneys will face in the courtroom. This in large part is due to the life changing decisions that are being made and what is at stake. To that extent, both sides in a contested divorce will be working to gain any advantage that they can and social media is the first place we look. Regardless of whether you have reached the point where divorce is the only option or you would simply like more information we are hear to help. We handle all divorce related matters such as contested and uncontested divorce, child custody, child support, alimony and modifications. Call us today for a free consultation.