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Alternatives To Jail When Child Support Is Not Paid

One of the greatest tasks for superior court judges throughout the state of Georgia is to determine what to do when a parent isn’t paying child support. The ultimate punishment for the nonpaying party’s violation of the court order is depriving them of their freedom. However, this often times is the least desirable method for compliance because it effects employment and the ability of the parent to be in the child’s life.

Parental Accountability Courts (PAC) have been established as a program that assists the court with resolving the noncompliance without sending the parent to jail. Some of the assistance provided by these programs includes:

  • drug and alcohol counseling and recovery assistance
  • mental health counseling and therapy
  • job focused education training
  • money management training

The Parental Accountability Court (PAC) program launched in 2012 as a partnership with the Superior Court and has assisted more that 2,700 parents with removing the obstacles which prevented them from paying child support. Studies have estimated that roughly 4,780 children have received $2.8 million in child support payments as a direct result of the program.

Under the program, which lasts about 18 months, parents are assigned a coordinator who works with them. The parent will then report back to the court once a month and give an update on their progress. The PAC program is currently being utilized in 32 judicial circuits, including Fulton, Gwinnett and Cobb.

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