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Impact of Remarriage on Child Support

It is often necessary for Georgia courts to make a determination of the financial needs of a child or children at the conclusion of the divorce. In doing this the main consideration before the court is what is in the best interest of the child. Sometimes life circumstances can change from the point where the court issues its original order. One of the many changes that the Faucette Law Firm has advised clients on is the impact that remarrying can have on previously ordered child support.

We are often asked whether a client’s remarrying will change the amount of child support obligation they have to pay. There are several factors to be considered in answering this question. For instance, does the new spouse contribute financially to the household such that there is an upward change in income for the remarried former spouse? The alternative to this scenario, of course, would be where there is a downward change in income due to an increase in expenses associated with the new spouse. Generally, remarriage by a parent won’t affect a court ordered child support obligation.

In either case, child support obligations should be paid as ordered by the court until such time that the court can address whether a modification is appropriate. The Faucette Law Firm has represented clients in the areas of child custody, child support, alimony, spousal support, contested and uncontested divorce and adoptions in the Douglasville and Metro Atlanta area. If you or your former spouse has remarried and you believe the circumstances have changed and would like a modification contact our office to today for a consultation.