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Questions to Ask Before Getting Divorced

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to filing for a divorce. It takes time for couples to learn to operate as a team. It is also a process for persons who have learned to work together during a marriage to then start to think of life as a single person again. As a law firm specializing in Family and Divorce law we come into contact everyday with people confronted with these decisions.

New York Times article published in May of 2017 raised 11 questions that need to be asked before getting a divorce:

  1. Have you made clear your concerns about the relationship
  2. Do you and your spouse have shared expectations about the roles you play in the relationship
  3. If there is a way to save the marriage, what would it be
  4. Would you really be happier without your partner
  5. Do you still love him or her
  6. What is your biggest fear in ending the relationship
  7. Are you letting the prospect of divorce ruin your self-image
  8. How can a divorce be handled to minimize the harm on the children
  9. Are you prepared for the financial stresses divorce may bring
  10. Am I ready to handle the day to day details of living that my spouse took care of
  11. How do I keep from making the same mistake the next time around

What a person’s life will be like after a divorce should be a big part of the decision process. By the time our clients contact our law firm many of them are at a point where the marriage is irretrievably broken. However we do spend a lot of time going over all of the options, including those that do not involve dissolution of the marriage. The above-mentioned questions clearly deal with ensuring that the couple is truly at a point in their relationship where a divorce is the only answer. The next set questions addresses minimizing the real and emotional effect on the the client.

Our job isn’t just to advise our clients on the divorce process. We also make it a part of our job to ensure that our clients are prepared for what comes after the divorce is finalized. The Faucette Law firm represents clients in the areas of contested divorce, uncontested divorce, child custody, child support, modifications and adoptions. Contact our firm today for a consultation.