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Things To Avoid When Considering A Divorce

The process of getting a divorce begins long before any court documents are actually filed. In fact, many of our clients have begun preparing for the divorce prior to even coming into our office. As with any endeavor, preparation is the key to putting oneself in the best position to have the most favorable outcome possible. An article posted on the Prevention website by Judy Koutsky listed eleven things divorce lawyers say you should never do when preparing for the process of a divorce.

  1. Don’t expect to come away with a windfall
  2. Don’t try to hide money
  3. Don’t keep adding money to a joint account
  4. Don’t do things out of spite
  5. Don’t compare divorces
  6. Don’t expect to share the pet
  7. Don’t surprise your spouse by serving him or her in public
  8. Don’t fight over things you don’t care about
  9. Don’t make kids pawns
  10. Don’t wait for your big day in court
  11. Don’t rule out mediators

Behind the scenes many superior court judges throughout the state refer to their divorce calendars as “pots and pans” day. It goes without saying that this is a less than subtle reference to the often petty things that couples will fight about when the marriage is coming to an end. To that end, the proceedings can be further complicated when a judge or mediator feels as though one spouse has been vengeful or hiding assets and money from the other spouse. The important thing to remember is that you want to be viewed as being reasonable and making every effort to abide by the Court’s instructions.

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