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What is Co-Parenting and How to Make it Successful?

No matter how difficult or contested the divorce process is it will come to an end at some point. It is important to remember that one of the most important things a soon to be divorced couple will need to consider is how do they go about creating a healthy and nurturing environment for their children. The process of raising a child or children in two different households pursuant to a custody agreement is often referred to as co-parenting. As one could imagine, for many couples, getting to a place in their relationship where they can effectively function in a co-parenting capacity takes a lot of work.

Doctor Edward Kruk published an article on Psychology Today that discussed several suggestions useful for helping creating a successful co-parenting relationship between former spouses.

  • Be there for your children, both physically and emotionally. It is important to not only be present but ensure to take an interest in all aspects of your child’s lives.
  • Talk with your children about the divorce. Children are inquisitive and need to feel as though you genuinely care about how it affects them.
  • Remember that they are children. You can’t expect your children to handle a divorce the same way an adult would.
  • Support the other parent’s role and relationship with the child. One of the most damaging thing a former spouse can do is insult or ridicule the other parent in the presence of the child.
  • Make sure to keep the lines of communication open with the other parent.
  • Maintain your child’s community of support. This really goes without saying. Try to keep as much of the child’s life the same as you can, especially relationships with extended family members.
  • Seek out formal and informal sources of co-parenting support.

Developing a successful co-parenting relationship takes time and effort on the part of both parties. The Faucette Law Firm specializes in all family law and divorce related matters including, child support, custody, contested and uncontested divorceadoptions and modifications. Contact our law firm today for a consultation.