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Under Rule 24.8 of the Uniform Superior Court Rules for Georgia, superior courts may require parents who are parties to domestic relations cases with minor children to complete a parenting seminar. The purpose of the seminar is to educate parents on the effects of divorce on minor children. Many superior court circuits in Georgia have elected to require the parenting seminar and include the requirement as part of its automatic domestic relations standing order. The parenting seminar is required to be conducted by qualified personnel with educational background and experience dealing with children and families. The jurisdictions that require the parenting seminar often have approved courses and/or providers, therefore it is important to verify that a course/provider is approved by a county prior to registration. Also, some jurisdictions may approve online courses in addition to in-person seminars. Providers generally allow the divorcing parents to attend the course separately, and there is often a fee associated with the course. Providers are required to offer a fee waiver procedure for indigent parties if they charge a course fee. A party’s failure to complete the seminar can result in withholding of the final decree of divorce and/or an attachment for contempt with an award of attorneys’ fees and costs. Accordingly, it is highly recommended that parties to a divorce action gather the information regarding the parenting seminar in their jurisdiction shortly after the case is filed and complete the course in a timely manner to avoid any adverse consequences. If you have questions regarding the parenting seminar and any other requirements for divorce in Georgia, contact an experienced divorce/family law attorney at The Faucette Law Firm (770) 485-6620.


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