In Georgia, the minimum waiting period for the granting of a divorce is thirty-one (31) days after the other party has been served or an acknowledgment of service has been filed with the court. By filing an acknowledgment of service with the court, the other party swears and affirms that he/she has been served with the lawsuit and submits to the jurisdiction of the court. The filing of the acknowledgment of service means that the party who filed the divorce will not have to wait for the other party to be served by the sheriff or a private process server, thus saving both time and money. Although (31) days is the minimum waiting period for a divorce to be granted, most jurisdictions grant an uncontested divorce within 45-60 days. Contested divorces, on the other hand, can take much longer to resolve. Although many jurisdictions require parties to contested matters to attend mediation to attempt to settle their cases early in the divorce process, it may take months to resolve a contested case, especially if a bench or jury trial is required. If you have questions about filing for divorce, contact an experienced divorce/family law attorney at FLFAttorneys (770) 485-6633.


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