| Aug 14, 2017 | Divorce, Douglasville Divorce Lawyer, Douglasville Family Law Attorney, Mediation

Many Georgia counties require mediation. It is not uncommon for parties to divorce actions in Georgia to be contacted soon after the filing of an answer in a case to schedule mediation. Many courts require the parties to participate in mediation prior to having a contested hearing in court. So what is mediation and is it effective? Mediation involves the parties to an action working with a neutral third party to resolve their issues. Through mediation, parties to a divorce action can work to settle their case and can craft their own legally binding agreements to resolve issues such as custody, visitation, and property division. Parties to a divorce action often find it very beneficial to work together to draft their own agreements since they know best what will work for their family, and especially for their children. Also, parties are happier with and are more prone to abide by agreements that they’ve had a hand in preparing, as opposed to agreements that are imposed on them by the court. Another benefit of mediation is that it decreases the costs of litigation for parties since settlement avoids the requirement of having a contested hearing before a judge or a jury trial, either of which can prove costly as far as attorney’s fees. Even if parties fail to settle their case at mediation, it still provides the opportunity to see how the other party views the case and the issues, which can be especially helpful in preparing the case for further litigation. Since mediation is confidential, statements made by the parties cannot be used against them and the mediator cannot be called to testify against either party. If you have questions regarding mediation, contact an experienced divorce/family law attorney at FLFAttorneys (770) 485-6633.


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