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Avoiding Mistakes In Your Divorce

Divorce proceedings, like any other dispute in the area of law, take a lot of work in order to be successful and have a favorable outcome. Obviously, there are certain things that every attorney must do in order to achieve this goal. However, the client has a role in the success or failure of their case as well. Yahoo Finance writer Liz Weston published an article titled 5 Divorce Mistakes That Can Cost You. In past articles our law firm has covered the pitfalls of sharing too much information on social media as an example of what not to do during a divorce. Another habit that can have a detrimental effect on your case is failing to keep track of important documents. Locating all of the necessary paperwork you will need during the litigation is another task that is extremely helpful during the divorce process. For instance, some of the items we ask our clients to obtain are:

  • account numbers and balances for sole and joint financial accounts
  • social security statements of current and future expected earnings
  • documents listing the value of major assets
  • documents listing the value of home improvements

This list is a small example of the types of documents and paperwork necessary to assist the Court with determining issues such as alimony and child support. Clients that aren’t able to organize an gather these documents put their lawyers at a great disadvantage. Tax considerations is another area that shouldn’t be ignored during a pending divorce. In particular, married couples typically have greater or higher tax deductions that single persons. Not preparing for these types of changes can negatively affect your bottom line in the years to come. Additionally, several married couples have joint bank accounts and credit card accounts. Credit card companies aren’t bound by divorce decrees and will still hold each party on the account responsible for the debt. For this reason we advise our clients to close joint accounts that expose them to additional liability. The other thing to watch out for is cash in bank accounts. If there is a large sum of monies in a joint bank account you will want to make sure there is an accounting of this amount to protect you from an unauthorized decreases. Lastly, divorce can be expensive and clients should not go into the divorce process with a close mind to compromise. There are several issues that can be resolved by having the discussion. Our firm has had success negotiating favorable outcomes for our clients as well as taking matters to trial in Superior and State Court.

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