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Can You Predict Whether A Couple Will Get Divorced?

In our line of work we get an opportunity to meet couples that are heading towards divorce. As you can imagine after over a decade practicing law and handling these types of cases you start to see certain issues come up pretty frequently. Last month an article was written by Chase Scheinbaum titled “Predictor of Divorce, According to 7 Therapists and Relationship Experts” that addressed some of the issues relationship experts frequently see in couples that are heading towards divorce. One of the first issues tackled in the article is the effect that difficult times can have on the marriage. For instance, the stress of finances and children can place a lot of wear and tear on a marriage. When times get rough its a natural tendency to look at the other person as the cause of the problem or rough patch. However, the key to a successful relationship is being able to hold each other accountable for the role that we play.

Another major source of potential problems in a marriage is not making time for each other. Some couples place so much attention on the children in the marriage that they actually neglect the spouse. Any relationship expert or therapist will tell you that as a couple you have to make an effort to enjoy your time as a couple away from your kids. Failure to compromise is another important deficit failed couples seem to have in common. In a marriage, the key is to figure out which differences are worth trying to resolve. Having unrealistic expectations of your partner and loosing trust in your partner are additional pitfalls discussed in Scheinbaum’s article on relationship predictors of divorce.

Ultimately, the common theme of this article and others like it that address this issue is that marriages require constant work and a willingness of both parties to work through problems that arise. The Faucette Law Firm helps families in Atlanta and Douglasville in areas related to divorcechild custody, spousal support and modifications. Call our law firm today for a consultation.