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How Will Divorce Affect My Car Insurance

Most married couples spend their lives together combining assets and liabilities. When that same couple arrive at the point where they realize that it’s not in their best interest to remain together the daunting task of dividing those same assets and liabilities must begin. Many couples that are going through or considering a divorce don’t think about the impact on their auto insurance policies. For instance, one of the parties will have to decide which one will maintain the auto insurance policy if there is a joint plan.

It is not as simple as calling the insurance company up and telling them to remove your spouse from the auto policy. The insurance company may require a signed consent form before removing a named insured person from the policy. On the other hand, if the policy does allow a spouse to remove the other spouse that does create an issue if the non-policy holding spouse doesn’t receive notice that they have been removed. Ownership of the vehicle will also be a factor as the policy holder will usually also have title to the vehicle. Other considerations to keep in mind regarding auto insurance policies during a divorce is that married couples typically receive discounts and a divorce may result in increased insurance premiums, particularly if a safe driver is being removed.

For couples with children that are of driving age there may be different considerations. A lot of soon to be divorced couples fight about who will cover the auto insurance for their driving age children. Custody of the child sometimes determines this. However, if custody is equally split there may need to be a compromise.

Just like anything else that has the potential to be a source of conflict auto insurance must be carefully addressed during the divorce proceedings. Divorce is not an easy process. Couples spend their lives working on building every aspect of their lives together and the divorce process is the exact opposite. Most things can be resolved with compromise. However, an attorney that specializes in divorcecustody and family law related matters can guide you through the process when an agreement can’t be made. The Faucette Law Firm represents clients in Douglasville, Marietta and Atlanta. Contact our law firm today for a consultation.