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Can Experts Predict Likelihood For Divorce?

After representing clients in the Douglasville and metro Atlanta area for the past decade we see a lot of similarities in couples that are engaged in divorce proceedings. In fact, experts have periodically attempted to create a list of predictors that indicate when a couple is heading for divorce. Business Insider writer Shana Lebowitz published an article titled “8 Things Science Says Predict Divorce”. In the article common characteristics shared by groups of couples with high divorce rates were studied. For instance,

  • Getting married in teens or after the age of 32
  • A husband in the marriage that doesn’t work full-time
  • Not having completed high school
  • Showing animosity or contempt for the other spouse
  • Being overly affectionate as a new couple
  • How the couple handles daily stress
  • Withdrawal or isolation during conflict
  • Talking negatively about the relationship

Some of these characteristics are pretty straight forward. Several things can create stress in a marriage. The loss of a job or inability to find steady employment can strain a marriage. It is also important to know how to handle conflict in the relationship. Characteristics such as showing contempt to the other spouse and talking negative about the relationship eventually have the effect of damaging the relationship. Regardless of the study, resolving conflicts that arise and handling stress should be the main area of focus for couples as they build a life together. Ultimately, conflicts and stress will definitely come. The only thing we are in control of is how we handle them.

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