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Can I Date While My Divorce Is Pending?

When a person has come to a point where they realize that a divorce is the only option they are typically motivated to start an immediate transition. For some of our clients the process of going through a divorce is efficient. However, for others, some of the issues in a divorce can be complicated and delay the process. Regardless, the issue of when to transition into a new relationship is one that often comes up. Huffington Post published an article titled “Seven Reasons Not To Date During Your Divorce” by Karen Covy.

Dating during the divorce can sometimes negatively affect:

  1. the amount of alimony you receive
  2. settlement strategy
  3. property distribution
  4. parenting arrangement
  5. your children
  6. ability to deal with emotional healing
  7. make it difficult to reach a settlement

How does dating potentially make it difficult to reach a settlement? It is possible for a couple to go through a divorce without creating unnecessary conflict. However, if a party discovers that a spouse has moved on and has started dating someone else the person may attempt to retaliate. Many times this comes in the form of contentious litigation where every little issue is a fight. Additionally, dating during a divorce when children are present is particularly complicated. Not only do you have to carefully manage the child’s emotional wellbeing throughout the divorce you also have to ensure that your case isn’t compromised by the choice of mate brought into their lives. The bottom line is that most experienced divorce attorneys tell their clients that it is best to wait to begin dating until after the divorce is finalized. Divorce is an emotionally draining life event and will take time to adjust emotionally, regardless of how smooth the legal process is in your case.

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