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Pitfalls Men Face During Divorce

In any dispute there are going to be issues that are particular to one side of the dispute verses the other. Divorces aren’t any different. In divorces men have certain issues that can arise that they need to pay attention to throughout the process.

Reduction of income or the inability to make the full child support and or spousal support payments is one of the issues that comes up. Sometimes this issue is simply ignored. This is never recommended. Most judges throughout the State of Georgia are not unreasonable and understand that circumstances can change. One of our previous clients experienced a significant change in their job and income during the pendency of the divorce and weren’t able to keep up with the Court ordered payments. However, in this instance our client was able to distinguish himself from other litigants who willfully ignored the Court’s order by 1) providing documentation that there income was significantly reduced and 2) making good faith payments to their spouse. In a CNN article written by Thom Patterson that is exactly what was recommended by some of the former superior court judges interviewed for the article.

Another issue that men face during very contentious divorce cases is protective orders. A temporary protective order is governed by O.C.G.A §17-17-16 and is issued by a judge after an allegation is made regarding a threat of domestic violence. Protective orders are meant to provide a quick remedy and guard against the possibility of abuse until the Court has an opportunity to obtain additional information. However, protective orders are typically one sided and will bar the other spouse from access to the household and children until the matter is resolved. One of the things recommended to guard against a claim that a spouse has been threatening or abusive is to have witnesses present when interacting with the other party. Regardless, it is important to stay calm and level headed when dealing with the spouse. The best advice is not to ignore the temporary protective hearing date when it is scheduled. Finally, it is good idea to hire an attorney. You will benefit from an experienced attorney that can investigate your case and protect your interest.

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