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Month: July 2019

What Mothers Need To Know About Child Support and Child Custody

The issues that come up during divorce proceedings are often times complex in nature. To add to this point, depending on the party, each one will have it's own set of unique considerations to keep in mind as they work their way through the pitfalls of the legal...

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Abandonment of Marriage in Georgia

Marriages can come to an end in a number of different ways. Sometimes they come to an end because of a spouse either deserts on abandons the spouse. The State of Georgia does provide a method for the marriage to be dissolved in the event there is a scenario where a...

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What Happens If You Win The Lottery During A Divorce?

The process of getting a divorce can take some time depending on the couple and the circumstances. Some couples elect to try a separation period before beginning formal divorce proceedings which can also extend the process. In 2013 a couple was separated when the...

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Will Your Divorce Impact Your Children’s Marriages?

Unfortunately, it is inevitable that some marriages will end in divorce. When a divorce happens and a relationship is over it can have a lasting effect on the people involved, most notably children. Sometimes an unintended consequence is that children experience...

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