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What Is A Georgia Parenting Plan?

A divorce in the State of Georgia can become complex depending on the type of issues involved. One of the issues that affects couples in a divorce is how children will be raised throughout their childhood. The Georgia Statute O.C.G.A §19-9-1 governs how parents are supposed to outline the living arrangements and visitation of children during the pendency of a divorce.

Under the statute whenever the custody of a child is at issue between the parents each parent is required to prepare a parenting plan. Some of the required contents of the parenting plan include:

  • a recognition that a close and continuing parent-child relationship and continuity in the child’s life will be the in the child’s best interest
  • a recognition that the child’s needs will change and grow as the child matures and demonstrate that the parents will make an effort to parent that takes this issue into account
  • a recognition that a parent with physical custody will make day to day decisions and emergency decisions while the child is residing with such parent
  • That both parents will have access to all of the child’s records and information
  • Where and when the child will be in each parent’s physical care
  • How holidays and other special occasions will be spent with each parent including the time of day that each event will begin and end
  • transportation arrangements including how the child will be exchanged between the parents.
  • whether supervision will be needed for any parenting time, if so, the particulars of the supervision.
  • an allocation of decision-making authority to one or both of the parents with regard to the child’s education, health, extracurricular activities, and religious upbringing, and if the parents agree the matters should be jointly decided, how to resolve a situation in which the parents disagree
  • limitations on physical custody

The Court will also look at the emotional ties that the child has to each parent. O.C.G.A. §19-9-1 requires a detailed and often times complex parenting plan to be submitted in the divorce case. It is for this reason that the advise of an experienced family law and divorce attorney is needed to guide you through this process. The Faucette Law Firm handles all matters related to
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