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Do I Have To Pay For My Child’s Private School?

There are a lot of issues that can be contested by couples going through a divorce during the legal process. Issues such as what assets will be assigned to a particular party and custody of the children are at stake. In many cases the more complex the assets the more difficult the process can be. One of the issues that can be disputed is whether a spouse is obligated to pay for a child’s private school education.

In the state of Georgia the Court will look at whether the schooling will meet the particular needs of the child when determining if private school will be required. Typically, the cost of private education will be conditional upon the education being within the financial means of the parent providing the support. Additional factors the Court will consider are:

  • the child’s specific needs,
  • your income level
  • previous agreements to pay private school tuition
  • whether the child was attending private school prior to the divorce
  • whether there are less expensive schools in the area that can meet the child’s educational needs
  • length of the marriage
  • net worth of the parents

It is also important to consider the age of the child, whether private school have been previously attended and how long. To that extent it is more compelling to the Court if the parent to whom the request is being made has previously paid for private school and whether they still have the means to do so. If a child has been attending a particular school and has established themselves and are thriving at the school the Court will be less inclined to disrupt this. Ultimately, the interest of the requesting party is balanced against what is in the best interest of the child.

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