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Husband Wants Divorce After Wife Lied About Birth Control And Got Pregnant

A recent Yahoo article written by Sarah Carty covered a case where a husband is considering divorcing his wife after she got pregnant when he thought that she was on birth control. The man, 31 years of age, disclosed during the interview that he felt betrayed by his 29 year old wife. Apparently, the two discussed having children prior to getting married and both agreed that they never wanted kids. The husband had considered getting vasectomy but had been putting it off. Actually, two weeks before his vasectomy they had intercourse without condoms because she told him that she was on birth control. He has tried everything including threatening to divorce her and asking her to have an abortion.

The husband in this article took to the internet to get advice and voice his frustration. Most of the responses and posts sympathized with the husband but focused on him communicating with his wife. Ultimately, there isn’t a right or wrong way to deal with this situation since everyone has different reasons for wanting or not wanting to start a family. Sometimes the question of whether to start a family can come down to timing, health of the mother or simply not wanting to adjust a lifestyle. It is also possible for a person’s point of view on the matter to change. In fact, it is not uncommon at all for couples to go into a marriage with one position and then change after they have been married for some time. In any event, it is important for the lines of communication to stay open. The husband in this case has a lot of thinking to do. The article doesn’t say what the husband’s reasons are for not wanting to have children. However, if his wife is going to have the child then he has to eventually start thinking about what role he is going have in the child’s life and whether he wants to try to work things out.

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