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Month: March 2020

What Can I Do About My Divorce, Modification and Child Support During The Coronavirus?

As a result of the Coronavirus most Courts across the state of Georgia have suspended jury trials and Grand Jury proceedings for the month of March and part of April. This will have the biggest impact on criminal cases since the defendant's liberty has to be decided...

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Concern Over The Corona Virus And Possible Increase In Domestic Violence Cases

Unfortunately, domestic violence related cases have been present long before shelter in place and quarantine orders were handed down by mayors across the United States. In fact, whether verbal, physical or both, domestic violence is a very real part of the lives of...

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Divorce During The Corona Virus Epidemic: Now What?

Many Americans have had to think about what happens after the epidemic has subsided and we go back to our everyday routines. The halt or temporary pause in the legal system is no different than what other industries have had to endure during this epidemic. One of the issues the Faucette Law Firm has consulted with current and prospective clients on is how to manage a pending or potential divorce during this crisis.

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