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Divorce During The Corona Virus Epidemic: Now What?

There is uncertainty all around us due to the spread of the Corona virus. It seems like everyday the numbers of infected persons and affected geographic locations in the United States have continued to increase. Many Americans have had to think about what happens after the epidemic has subsided and we go back to our everyday routines. The halt or temporary pause in the legal system is no different than what other industries have had to endure during this epidemic. One of the issues the Faucette Law Firm has consulted with current and prospective clients on is how to manage a pending or potential divorce during this crisis.

An article by Dr. Ann Buscho in Psychology looked at this very issue. Some cities such as San Francisco have experienced quarantines mandated by the government. What if you are living with your soon to be divorced spouse while waiting for the divorce to be finalized? Or, in the alternative, what if you are at the very beginning of the process and thinking of filing divorce. These circumstances can be difficult even for the most mentally strong. The uncertainties of work, declining home values, possibility of business closures and declining economy can all present their own unique challenges when trying to navigate through the divorce process.

Some of the following things are recommended to assist with the issues present by having to navigate through divorce-related decisions during this epidemic:

  • Find ways to connect with family and friends by phone. Take walks in a private area. Disconnect from news sources as much as possible.
  • Make sure that your kids are gradually informed about what is happening but do not overwhelm them.
  • Refrain from unhealthy coping mechanisms such as drinking or other vices.
  • Discuss ways to proceed and communicate with your professionals, such as your attorney or counselor. Consider voice conferencing options such as Facetime or Zoom.
  • Finally, if you are still sharing time with your children, decide whether your kids will be quarantined at one parent’s home or the other.

Eventually, the effects of this virus will diminish the lives of many Americans will, for the most part, go back to normal. While we wait it is important to find healthy outlets to coupe with the social distancing taking place now and in some cases, quarantines. Taking time to discuss these issues with professionals is an important step. If there is an issue that you need to discuss, be it modifications, child support, divorce or adoptions we can help. In person meetings are always an option. However, if you would like to arrange a video conference our law firm is equipped for that as well. Contact us today for a consultation.