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How To Use Your Parenting Plan for The Holidays



We are going into the most wonderful time of the year; the holidays! As exciting as it can be, this can also be a very confusing and uncertain time for parents who are following a parenting plan. A parenting plan is a child custody plan developed by the mother and father during a divorce. This plan is then signed by both parents and a judge. Once the plan is final, it will be followed until the minor child(ren) turn eighteen (18).

Based on your parenting plan, there are a few different custody options you might have created. Some of the most common options are; the 1st and 3rd weekends of the month, the 1st, 3rd and 5th weekedns of the month, the 2nd and 4th weekends of the month or every other weekend or you might even have a plan specifically for winter vacation. A winter vacation schedule would most likely include Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa. The table below explains some of the ways you and your little ones can spend time together according to your parenting plan!

1st and 3rd weekends: According to the 2020 calendar, you would be spending the weekends of December 5th, December 19th, and January 1st with your children. This means you will be able to do fun prep activities for the holidays and get to ring in the new year together! Take a look below for some ideas as to what you could do to get in the holiday spirit!
1st, 3rd and 5th weekends: Since there is not a 5th weekend in December 2020, you would be spending December 5th and December 19th weekends together as well as January 1st.
2nd and 4th weekends: The 2nd and 4th weekends are December 12th and December 26th. You will be spending Christmas with your children! Go ahead and put up the Christmas tree and stockings!
Winter Vacation: Depending on your schedule, you could have certain days, even or odd years or anything in between. Please refer to your Parenting Plan to double check the dates and times you may spend with your children.




DECEMBER 2020 1 – Tuesday 2 – Wednesday 3 – Thursday 4 – Friday 5 – Saturday
Virtual Tree Lighting in Smyrna Vinnings Tree Lighting

Avalon Tree Lighting 

Norcross Virtual Tree Lighting  Stone Mountain Christmas
6 – Sunday 7 – Monday 8 – Tuesday 9 – Wednesday 10 – Thursday 11 – Friday 12 – Saturday
Stone Mountain Christmas Garden Lights Stone Mountain Christmas
13 – Sunday 14 – Monday 15 – Tuesday 16 – Wednesday 17 – Thursday 18 – Friday 19 – Saturday
Stone Mountain Christmas Garden Lights Stone Mountain Christmas
20 – Sunday 21 – Monday 22 – Tuesday 23 – Wednesday 24 – Thursday 25 – Friday 26 – Saturday
Stone Mountain Christmas Garden Lights Stone Mountain Christmas
27 – Sunday 28 – Monday 29 – Tuesday 30 – Wednesday 31 – Thursday
Stone Mountain Christmas


Or, check out some of our favorite ways to stay in:
1. Making ornaments with dough – Recipe linked here.
2. Make sugar cookies together – Recipe linked here.
3. Make homemade plates with sharpies – Guide linked here.
4. Bindge watch your favorite holiday movies. – Need a list? Click here.
5. Make an indoor fort. – Inspiration linked here. 

“To be in your childrens memories tomorrow, you must be in their life today” – Barabra Johnson