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Georgia Distracted Driver Negligence

It goes without saying that the advances in cell phone technology have made it easier to access the internet, radio and television through our mobile devices. In fact, there isn’t much difference in the access to information available on cell phones other devices. With modern technology consumers can utilize their phones to watch television, surf the internet, transfer money between bank accounts and manage social media accounts.  The problem with this advance in technology is that it is very tempting to use these devises when we should be focusing our attention on operating our vehicles. Distracted driving is a term used to describe drivers whose attention has been diverted from the roadway, ultimately making it difficult for them to react timely to unexpected traffic conditions.

The Center for Disease Control categorizes distracted driving into three groups:

  • Visual: taking the eyes off the roadway
  • Manual: taking your hands off the steering wheel
  • Cognitive: taking your mind off driving and operating the vehicle

In 2018 over 2,800 people were killed and an estimated 400,000 were injured in automobile crashes involving a distracted driver. Many States now impose fines and penalties for drivers caught using their cell phones and operating their vehicles. Georgia statute O.C.G.A §40-6-241 restricts drivers from physically holding or supporting a cell phone while the vehicle is in use. Using a cell phone while operating a vehicle has often been compared to a person driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. From a personal injury perspective, the type of injuries that can be sustained from either negligent act can change a person’s life forever. It is often the case that automobile accidents in the State of Georgia are caused by the negligent act of a driver. However, not all types of negligent acts are equal when it comes to personal injury litigation. Needless to say, an accident caused by a vehicle hydroplaning in rainy conditions is different that an accident caused by drag racing. The same can be said for accidents caused by a driver in the middle of a text message. The more negligent a driver is while driving on Atlanta roadways the more he or she may be financially liable if someone is injured.

The Faucette Law Firm specializes in personal injury litigation and accident investigations in Douglasville and the Metro-Atlanta area. We work with clients to get compensation for all incurred damages, including pain and suffering. We represent clients in automobile accidents, premises liabilities, dog bites and other injuries caused by the negligent acts of others. If you have been injured in an accident and suspect that the at fault driver was distracted contact our office for a free consultation.