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Major increase in fatal auto accidents worries U.S. regulators

Taking to the road in Georgia and across the United States always carries with it a certain level of risk. However, circumstances and driver behavior can add to the danger. To try and avoid these accidents and give drivers, passengers, pedestrians and others on the road the tools to enhance safety, statistics are accrued and analyzed. The early showings for the first half of 2021 have stoked concern about fatalities on the road. This should be known before heading out and those who were involved in a crash or lost a loved one must be apprised of their rights.

The first six months of 2021 saw the highest increase in road fatalities ever

In the latest numbers accrued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 20,160 road fatalities through June. This was an 18.4% increase from 2020. Part of this is believed to be due to the ongoing health situation. Even as society slowly returns to some semblance of normalcy, there are lingering factors that could be contributing to the number of accidents. Because there were fewer vehicles on the road throughout much of 2020, many drivers took that as an opening to behave recklessly, drive distracted, drive drunk and speed. Drivers are being encouraged to take safety precautions like making sure they wear their seatbelts and being vigilant about drivers who might be flouting the law. Still, that is not always enough to avoid a crash.

Georgia prepares for the holiday season with new rules

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it adds another link to the potential for auto accidents with injuries and death. The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is taking steps to ease the anticipated traffic. For example, lane closures on state routes and interstates will be suspended during heavy travel times like the day before Thanksgiving. This will also be done for the remainder of the holiday season. In its research, the GDOT expects traffic to be the same as it was before the national crisis took hold. With that will come the increased chance of collisions.

Experienced assistance can be crucial after an auto accident

These factors could combine to lead to more accidents during the holidays and make 2021 one of the worst years for auto accident injuries and fatalities on record. Even in crashes where those involved are fortunate enough to survive, there will be a litany of concerns that will come to the forefront including medical costs, lost wages, the need for extensive care, problems contributing to a family and more. Fatalities exacerbate these challenges leaving a family without a loved one and thinking about how they will move on after an unexpected and unnecessary event. While it can be difficult to think about, it is useful to have professional assistance with determining a proper strategy to recover compensation. Experienced guidance can be key to making an informed determination.