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Living Together During a Divorce

Very few couples that are considering a divorce are fully prepared for the process of becoming single. Divorce comes with an adjustment to your day-to-day lifestyle and most importantly, your finances. Couples that are relying on the dual income from both parties to cover household living expenses experience the most difficulty planning for divorce. This is particularly true given the employment uncertainty for some during the pandemic. This sometime leads to some couples continuing to live together despite going through divorce proceedings.

The most important factor if a couple is considering living together during a divorce is safety. There are instances where a spouse has been physically or verbally abusive towards the other spouse. A divorce can become very contentious and be a source of aggravation for either party, especially if there are previous instances of abuse. If there is a concern that either party may become abusive it is best to explore other living arrangements if divorce is certain.

Other tips to make it easier for a soon to be divorced couple to co-exist while living together are:

  • Create a new budget and avoid making large purchase until you know what property you will be left with after the divorce
  • Allocate responsibilities around the house. This will help eliminate opportunities for disagreement.
  • Establish boundaries. Divorce can take several months to be finalized. Therefore, as you begin to build a life outside of your marriage and forge new relationships it is important for each person in the household to know where they stand.
  • Plan to live separately. Begin to think about the impact of child support payments on your budget, whether paying or receiving.
  • Don’t use children as leverage. Disputes between spouses should not be communicated to the children.

There are several reasons couples may decide to continue living together while going through a divorce. Besides financial considerations, couples may decide to live together in an effort to give younger children time to adjust. Lastly, the party actually living in the residence at the time marital assets are being divided has a better chance of actually remaining in possession of the residence at the conclusion of the divorce. Regardless of your particular circumstance our law firm has years of experience guiding clients through the divorce process. We handle contested and uncontested divorce, child support, child custody, alimony and modifications. Contact our law firm today for a consultation.