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Month: April 2022

What Are Co-Parenting Apps and Should I Use Them?

Necessary parental tasks such as keeping track of school events, medical appointments, documents and the terms of custody agreements can be daunting in the midst of conflict. Enter co-parenting apps. Essentially, a co-parenting app is a tool that parents are starting to use to assist with keeping all important information in one place and reduce tension.

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Should You Speak with the Insurance Adjuster After A Car Accident?

Sometimes it is necessary to speak with the insurance adjuster in order to resolve matters such as rental car coverage and repairing your vehicle. In this case it is important to limit the discussion to replacing or repairing your vehicle, where the accident happened, and the types of vehicles involved. Do not discuss injuries or the extent of medical treatment you may or may not need.

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Pandemic-Related Decline In Adolescent Mental Health

Results from the CDC survey showed that 55% of the minors interviewed stated that they were cursed at or suffered verbal insults from an adult in the home. Additionally, 11% stated that they have been physically abused and 66% found it difficult to complete their schoolwork during the pandemic. The increase in these incidents has also led to concerns about the mental health of children.

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