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Effects of Divorce People Don’t Talk About

When couples are experiencing conflict in their relationship and decide to dissolve their marriage through a divorce many do not think past the Judge issuing the Final Decree of Divorce. Divorce is sometimes just the beginning because each spouse will have to make adjustments in their lives given the new circumstances. These are life altering, especially if the parties are unprepared and can include changes in household income, lifestyle and relationships with children. A BestLife article by Alex Daniel took an in depth look at some of the effects of a divorce that most people don’t talk about. Some of the main points discussed in the article are as follows:

  • Divorce is a grieving process

Getting accustomed to life after a divorce requires most people to accept loss. As stated in the article, divorce involves experiencing several different types of losses and couples going through the process should allow themselves time and space to grieve for all of them. Understanding that the grieving process is different for everyone is key. Anyone experiencing difficulty with the adjustment are encouraged to seek professional help.

  • Divorce is also a business transaction

Sometimes couples come into the divorce proceedings with left over animosity towards the other spouse. It is easy to get bogged down into the emotional aspect of the divorce process. However, it is important to remember that divorce is a transaction. At the center of the divorce transaction is the ability of the parties to reach an agreement on issues such as how property will be divided and how custody of children will be apportioned. Couples that lose sight of the fact that this is a legal transaction may compromise their willingness to settle and ultimately, negatively affect their case.

  • A clean break from a spouse can be very difficult

For couples that have been married for a substantial period of time often find that untangling themselves from the other spouse is challenging. Items such tax documents, car registrations, loan documents, credit card statements and bank accounts are just a few examples of some of the accounts and documents that may need to be adjusted and or renamed.

  • Completing the divorce process can be a huge relief

Although the divorce process can be a major life disrupter, many people that have gone through it describe feeling an incredible sense of relief when its over and they can move forward.

  • You will loose and gain friendships

A lot of divorcing couples are surprised to find that mutual friends are often lost in the process as well. It can be as simple as a friend choosing one spouse over the other in order to avoid awkward situations. However, just as some friendships may disappear as a result of the divorce, additional personal time often leads to new activities and new friendships.

  • You become better at parenting

Some studies have shown that parents actually work harder to spend more quality time with their children as a result of them being around less. One of the effects of children having two separate homes is that the parents tend to spend more individual time with them. Additionally, “because you will likely now have a joint custody schedule, you will have time to work late and run errands when your ex has the kids. This means that you will be able to dedicate 100 percent of your attention when it is your time with the kids.

  • Your relationship with your ex might be better than it was when you were married

Many couples who come out the other end of the divorce proceedings describe arriving to a better place with their ex than they were at while married.

Although it is impossible to fully know what lies ahead after a divorce, preparing for some of the lifestyle changes goes a long way to moving forward. At the Faucette Law Firm, LLC we focus on the client experience throughout the legal process. Our firm specializes in all family law and divorce-related matters such as contested and uncontested divorce, legitimation, child custody, child support, modifications and spousal support. We serve Atlanta, Fulton, Douglas, Cobb, Fayette, Gwinnett, Henry, Clayton, Carroll and Coweta. Contact our law firm today for a consultation.